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Comfortable, stylish sleeping

There’s nothing better than sleeping in a beautiful bedroom. Whether you like minimalist style, contemporary luxury or period chic, you can be truly creative about bedroom design.

We can help you find the colours, textures, fabrics and furniture to turn your bedroom into something quite special. No matter what size, we design schemes that take all your preferences into account, source exactly the right lighting, flooring and window dressings and give your sleeping space a boost.

We design individual rooms or all your bedrooms and master suites in whatever style suits you, from boutique beauty to simple sanctuary:

Bedroom furniture

Beautiful beds, bespoke wardrobes and storage, unique dressing tables and elegant chairs are all within your reach. We can advise you on the styles that suit your needs and source original pieces that work with the schemes we plan. We can also commission bespoke furniture for your exact needs.

Bedroom soft furnishings

The colours, textures and treatments of the fabrics and furnishings in your bedroom help to transform a design into reality. Our extensive connections with fabric suppliers means we can source exactly the right material and design and make curtains, blinds, cushions, bolsters, throws and more.

Bedroom lighting

Create the perfect mood with lighting that reflects the style of your room. From controllable mood lighting to individual reading lamps; in-wardrobe lighting to unique floor lights, we can suggest and source the perfect solution.

Bedroom walls

Choose traditional or contemporary wallpaper to make an impression. We can do this and everything in between with our wide selection of fabulous wallpapers and quality paint finishes.

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