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When working is a pleasure…

Be more productive by working in a study that’s comfortable and inviting. Choose furniture that means you’ve got everything exactly where you want it. Utilise clever storage solutions, excellent lighting and areas for sitting away from your desk when you need a change of scene.

We can design and build the perfect study for home working. Our sensitive approach means we talk to you about how you work, when you work and what you want from a well-designed room. We’ll produce schemes that reflect your needs and source everything for you, creating a room you’ll want to go to in the morning.

Our experienced interiors team will guide you towards the best:

Study furniture

A desk and chair that are ergonomically designed to be the most comfortable for you are essential in a home office. We can create bespoke furniture for you, or source furniture from specialists, matching it with storage, filing systems, occasional tables and comfortable seating to ensure that your furniture is always working hard for you.

Study Lighting

Harsh light can cause headaches in an office environment, particularly if you are looking at a screen. We’ll advise on using the natural light in your study and augment it with carefully chosen lighting to give you the best possible working environment.

Study soft furnishings

Using blinds and curtains to eliminate screen glare is important, and those window dressings can also help to bring the design of your room together. Upholster a comfortable chair for reading away from your desk, or add a stylish cushion pad to a window seat for a great effect.

Study walls

Whether wallpaper, paint or a combination of both, we can suggest wall treatments that will create exactly the atmosphere you want.

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