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Behind the scenes at Bicknell Interiors’ design studio
From Weybridge Life Magazine - August 2014

Jill Perkins enjoyed a sneak preview of some new outstanding architectural and interior design projects in the making…

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I spent some time and enjoyed a coffee with the team at Bicknell Interiors recently. it was good to catch up to see some of the current work that is in the design stages at the studio. The team is really busy working on some very interesting architectural and interior design projects - it amazes me how they have the ability to work in both contemporary and classical styles, and always with great results. Nicola Humphrey, who is the chief architect, explained: “The architectural design phase is critical to arrive at the best design solution. We always over deliver as we want to explore the various options to ensure a client is comfortable with the end result and our 3D drawings are always a very good indication of how the project will eventually look.” Certainly, the array of different ideas look just stunning. Andrea Palmer, who heads up interior design, is working on a number of style boards for one particular client: bedrooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms, kitchen and living space. She says: “I am really excited about these schemes. The client wants a luxurious feel to the bedrooms and bathrooms and a contemporary minimal feel for the kitchen. I work very closely with our clients and architects to bring co-ordination and a cohesive scheme to the house.” As always, I love the work the team create, which is refreshing and incredibly stylish. Bicknell Interiors has been helping homeowners create amazing spaces for over 10 years, and now has a number of strings to its bow, giving clients like you complete flexibility whether you are looking at the potential of a property you’re buying, or you want to revamp the home you have.

Based in an airy, welcoming design studio, the minute you walk into Bicknell Interiors, you know you’re dealing with experts. The front part of the studio contains room layouts, complete with furniture, lighting and soft furnishings. Mood boards cover the walls, and you get a glimpse of stacks of wallpaper and fabric sample books. Meanwhile, the buzz at the rear of the studio tells you that this is a busy consultancy that has plenty of ambition.

Architectural design

For renovation, extensions, conversions and new building – Bicknell’s RIBA Chartered Architect can give you ideas, draw up plans and manage the whole process, including planning permissions and compliance with building regulations.

Interior design

Rooms that reflect your style, your personality and enhance the way you live your life. That’s what you get from the interior design team at Bicknell Interiors. With a huge amount of experience, links to the latest interiors collections, and an eye for detail, the team create stunning homes that have featured in home and design magazines.

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click to download a pdf of the original article (778kb)