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An extract from Surrey Life May 2007

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Bicknell Interiors offers more than interior Design. According to this specialist consultancy, the backbones of creative design for homes are a fine combination of classical and contemporary styles through aesthetics, architecture, interior and exterior design. The consultancy was founded in 2003 by Chris Bicknell, Barbara Bicknell and Helen Harlow. The trio tied together their knowledge of property, design, interiors, project management and customer values to form a professional and friendly team. Working with a network of established craftsmen, Bicknell Interiors services include interior and exterior architectural design, sourcing and bespoke design of lighting, fabrics, furniture, flooring and soft furnishings. Bicknell Interiors assumes an integrated approach in blending the old with the new, creating a personalised and complete design experience unique to each client.

Refresh - Whether producing entire building renovations or designing a single room, Bicknell Interiors believes in reworking the original assets that a space has to offer. Creating an architectural structure or background colour scheme can be timeless. The result is a flexible property meaning that the client is not obliged to stick with a particular style or a stagnant space. Barbara Bicknell is responsible for the smooth running of each project. “We design real homes that are aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional and this ethos is central to each project. Efficient projects produce financial return, helping to save the client time and avoid expensive mistakes.”

Revive - Small simple interior or exterior changes can achieve stunning effects. The correct combination of colours, fabrics, flooring and furniture matched with lighting to suit the mood of the space equals a very personal package,’ says Helen Harlow, Interior Designer. ‘An updated effect can be achieved without having to dig deep into your pockets. The individual service offered by Bicknell Interiors can help the client make those finer choices.”

Invent - Chris Bicknell, Creative Director, believes that good home design works through both exterior and interior architecture and design. Chris’s architectural style is as a result of years of design and property development experience. “The most satisfying lesson I have learnt is how to interpret a client’s style, making their vision a reality.”

Through individually tailored changes, design and architectural know-how, Bicknell Interiors will give a property a real sense of added value on a personal as well as financial level. The team are proud of their very individual approach and believes that this is important to successful design. In such a time poor society with so many choices, making changes to your home can be a daunting prospect.
Bicknell Interior guides the client through a frill free process, realising the full potential of a client’s style and space.

click to download a pdf of the original article (276kb)

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